Gadgets! Gadgets Everywhere!! Where to Dump it! Nowhere!!

Surely electronic waste or e-waste is a common term that is a big threat in long term. There are a lot of people who are unaware of hazards that e-waste does to the ecosystem and to humans beings in whole nature is an alarming state. We know we love new technology with upcoming gadgets like laptop, mobile phones and others as they are our prized possession and our dear to us. We can't thrive or let will not let the next generation to thrive. As slowly and steadily it is creating great damage that will show up in large scale if we don't turn up to it and take hold by managing it.

First, let us know the sad truth of electronics dumping!

Electronic Waste to the Modern World! 

Here unfolds the Distress of E-waste-

1.       The ecosystem in Danger- Air, water and soil gets contaminated gradually and cause great havoc in their life. The soil is the primary source to get affected then water gets polluted. Air is polluted with the emission of dangerous fumes of various gases that affect our health, nature and everything then and now and in a long run to nature in a drastic way.

2.      Safe Life- The result of contaminated air, water and soil and overall the whole ecosystem distressing every living creature with battling with struggle with the life of no risk. People will never understand what threat they are impending on all living creatures from the plant, animal to human beings through e-waste. The next generation will be buried with diseases and life-threatening situations and will never get over it if not checked now by us.

3.       Check Mate- It is a human being that brought new technologies like a laptop, mobile phones and many other e-gadgets. The boons of electronics make us ignore the darker side it leads us to. Don't let you be the reason for losing your near and dear ones.

Measures to Safeguard from E-waste

  •  It is advisable to get the waste recycled or give away by donating it or by either buying less but yet the best! 

Waste not, want not!

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