Makeup is something that a female has to reckon with every single day. Whether you wear it or don't, you're always making decisions about wearing it or not, or how you're wearing it, and what that means.”-Alexandra Kleeman

I feel more confident if my makeup looks good.-Ellie Goulding

It’s your big day! Your wedding day! It is one of the most special days which every bride looks up for. Everything has to be appropriate and go perfectly well without overdo or should be hassle-free.

Here are the reasons why minimal makeup looks best on your wedding day:

Minimal makeup looks perfect for the wedding day as it outshines the natural beauty of the bride. It is good for every bride as there are girls who love make-up and others who go without make-up, minimal makeup balances the look fulfilling the requirements of both the types of a bride on their wedding day.
A minimal make-up bind up the whole look of a bride who is decked up with a lot of heavy jewellery and outfit.
Lightweight yet elegant with natural blush and natural spark in eyes is apt for a bride, who is looked upon by spectators as the star of the day.
It is quite difficult for a bride to dress simply with minimal make-up which gives her a subtle look which is not underdone but fascinating and charming enough to arouse the interest of her spectators.

Minimal make-up includes focussing on either eye or on lips. Apart from make-up SMILE is the best ornament every bride carries up in her face which lightens up the whole wedding show. The simple yet sophisticated bridal look tricks up the audience and hairstyle, jewellery, outfit outstand the whole show mesmerizing and standing out the person among the throng and making the wedding day special for the most beautiful yet effortless bride.
As if you(bride) were on fire from within. The moon lies on the lining of your skin.”-Pablo Neruda

“On your wedding day, you should look like yourself at your most beautiful.”-Unknown  

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