Seven tech challenges of online education we need to solve!

The world now is very different from the ages before. People are modern and busier and busier and education is a vital reason behind it. They grew smarter intellectual and thus evolved technology with it there is impetus growth leading to the production of Television, mobile phones, computers, laptops and many more with creative and innovative features. Technology has become the key to a new world of education. People were busy with less time but the importance of education. People were busy with less time but the importance of education still thrived .Education is for the evolution of an individual or coming-of-age. As it is well said, "Education is not part of life but life itself".And now, virtual education is for new generations to come.

            Online Education is a popular technique of education as it is preferred by students for its convenience. Today in the tech-savvy world, time and money are equivalent and cannot be wasted. Personalisation is a priority of individual but as a social being we have to communicate with others and therefore, online education is preferred which is cost-effectively reducing the commuting fares and workable at one's own pace. The shift from traditional classroom education to online courses ensures the individual with freedom and flexibility. This personalized online learning gave instant access to the content and an effective enough to serve its purpose.

           The challenges that hail during online education are namely-

1. Adaptability-Education is said to be best done when in the midst of nature. In India, Rabindranath Tagore, a prominent writer, and artist created an ideal place for learners, Shantiniketan. This was an institution where students, native and foreign learned under a tree among the natural beauty. While classroom education interacts many variant students from different background studying their subjects and then online education, unlike traditional education have difficulty in adapting to the virtual environment. There is a lack of social interaction, even though chat rooms, discussion facilities are provided, the experience and environments quite different than classroom education.
2. Technically proficient-Basic handling of digital devices like computer, smartphones, tablets and other devices of technology.An awareness of new technology and dependence on it.Proficient in basic learning and handling all files, study resources, and assignments digitally. Any problem or troubleshooting requires efficient management. The instruction given is handled by the known person, unlike amateur who end up with no gain and stress thereafter.
3. Dependency on internet and technology-One needs to have a good connection network and technology accessible gadgets.E-learning courses require browser compatibility, system requirements, strong internet connection and high bandwidth. A student not having these requirements can't effectively access online learning. The assignments, class task requires access to the proper internet and also offline downloading articles, files which are a requirement for studies. It is unavoidable for studying online courses to have a computer, internet connection and technical knowledge otherwise troubleshooting problems that occur. Thus, dependence is surely a drawback.
4. Effective coordination is required in e-learning-Technology and student ‘s labour will go hand-in-hand for the successful triumph of e-learning. Coordination is a two-way process involving online learning to be comprehensive and effective and on the handling of every situation in the e-learning method. There is to be no instructor, a constant motivation, self-routine is to be maintained. There should be students will learn, his/her patience, determination, and persistence which is at stake on e-learning methods. The change from accustomed is different where e-learning requires students to interact actively and participate in online class. That might involve clicking some options, answering a question, taking homework help or giving feedback.
5. Lack of virtual education -Everything cannot be taught on the internet like works which require manual labour, supposedly works in the laboratory, hands-on handling of objects which has no scope in e-learning. New learning is suggested which is termed as hybrid learning. It is where he is an amalgamation of online education facilities. A smart-class for students to not be deprived of any favoured techniques. This effect of hybrid learning will benefit from the benefits of online education as well as traditional classroom learning too.
6. Not ideal for all learners-The format is different therefore all types of learners will possibly face difficulty with learning. The problem of motivation, procrastination and where a lot of individual requires the attention of an instructor. The instance solution and understanding of students will be incomprehensible as their focus should not dwindling, the qualities of a good student with self-discipline, proper time- management and better study habits will stand out as an effective and successful e-learning done.
7. The complex structure of the e-course-There should be well-defined structures and an effort to cover all the aspects of e-learning such as interactive elements assessments exercises, feedback facilities, live chat features and clear instructions. Since online education is not the much frequent technique of learning. The ideas, methods, and features should be adaptive, effective and tackled without hassle, The scope of e-learning if involves time and effort there can be boredom and depressing form which would erase the aspiration and passion for learning the subject involved.     

  •  The global opportunity for e-learning entails learning for all age groups in their comfortable environment and at their own speed and method.
  •  The e-learning gives us much also takes that at a cost to our health. The eyesight is at great harm if continuously worked on it. The body without physical exercise becomes unfit and lazy. The effectiveness of work is reduced through physic is at stake, physic becomes active and therefore evolves intellectuals of computer experts, digital masterminds and hackers and many more. 
Technology may rule the whole world in this digital age but it fails in many ways! These above where my view, let me know your one!     

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