Life in a Metro City!

          THE CITY LIFE

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the madding crowd with busy roads and heavy traffic, the urban people live their life. Being their home where they have lived from their childhood, it would have been no problem for them to be accustomed to it. Here life is moving on with speed, one has to catch it firmly or else they are lost in the gloomy air. We have to keep on moving our steps unless and until we reach our goal. The struggle for life or we can better say the struggle for existence is seen in the lives of urban citizens. They enjoy live for the present, secure for the future and proceed from their past. The city life has everything in the surrounding only thing is that one has to catch it as it is fleeting.
      If we properly say about the contents of the city life. We may get an innumerable way that is we get many opportunities of life to explore. There are many good schools, colleges, offices, libraries, educational facilities, social, political, economic and overall the facilities. A person gets to earn his living here and bring all the luxuries to his families and to his families and to himself.
       There are many sources of entertainment like movie theatres, shopping malls, theatre plays,3-D animation many places to have enjoyment and fun to pass their free time with our friends and others.
       We get to know about different things. We are not limited here. We are like an independent bird with our stretched hands and feet the whole air is ours. But despite these luxuries, it also comes with the hardship of life. We have to struggle to win the rat race. Each one is competing and challenging others. We see here each one is like us or better than us. To be unique we have to stand erect and tall by being the best the field we are. We have to learn to adapt to society.
This is how city life runs in different motion, unlike rural life! Both the lives in the city and village life are same with different growth and development.

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