How different is the Education system in India when compared with the USA?

There is a lot of comparisons and complaining about the different education system in various countries of the world. The world as a whole as a union but divided into many, segregated individuals. It is not easy to differentiate between the Indian Education system and the American education system. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, both have evolved great personalities and renowned leaders. There are still some differences to point out. The drawbacks in the Indian education system. Here are few poignant opinions which unfold the stereotype traditional Indian Education system:

1.    American Education system deals with understanding the core of subjects, practical usage of theoretical studies whereas Indian Education is more into scoring marks in examination than gathering knowledge. The fissure in the Education system leads us to run in a rat-race which has no end. The stereotypical Education strains an individual to conform in completing graduation, finding a relevant job, marriage and therefore ending up of life.

2.    Education in Indian has a rigid system. It lays more emphasis on reading, writing and memorizing the core subjects whereas Sports, dance and extracurricular activities hold less significance. A well familiar quote says “Education is not for life but life itself”. The overdose of books in schools in Indian Education system, makes students find Education boring, a burden and stressful part of life. However, the flexible system in abroad with overall development makes the student realise the interest in his life.

3.    Equal Educational opportunities for all whether categorising with the label of rich, poor and other caste or racial difference. The distinctions system of ICSE, CBSE, state boards and various universities then following the reservation for ST, SC and OBC caste, where students under General category criticize the system for not getting the seat for merit but for lack of opportunities. These barriers and authentication of one unified system which is favoured by all.
        Therefore, some incentives to undone these issues: children should be inculcated with independence, decision making, leadership, communication skills and when these are jotted down all the mishaps would lead to change. As generations lead to generations, the present generation should act now and bring change within themselves for the change they want to outlook in future.
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