Are You an Introvert? Know how to become a People Person!


I'm definitely a people person. I love socializing and being around people and having a good conversation.- Emily Deschanel

We need to decide how we want to be treated. Then we need to begin treating others in that manner. ― John C. MaxwellBe A People Person: Effective Leadership Through Effective Relationships

 A People person is good in communication, they know well to give importance to all
people as they are available and approachable to all. It helps in the workplace when playing teamwork and in the basic ingredient of happiness.

1) Socialising and interacting with others by giving them time, listening to them, and
 asking open-ended questions like “How are you?” and many more.

2) Learning from the behaviour of others being open and growing in each phase of life
. He does not have an EGO in his attitude. Hence, learns quickly without envy, malice or any
ill will.

3)A smile has many wonders it can easily change others mood in an instance. A people’s person has a pleasant face with good humour and a healthy attitude. He/She looks forward to people and are of presentable nature. 

Some Tips about dealing with difficulties faced by an individual while being or attempting in being a people’s person:

One, when shy and not confident in dealing with others, imagine that youre talking to only one person whom you truly trust, like your partner or your best friend or a close member of your family. Have that mindset and believe in it.
Two, if being nervous is the problem, look at the wall behind the forehead of person youre talking to and do religiously speaking practice.
Three, awareness of your body language is essential. To have an open body language, the study reveals that open body language also tricks our mind to reflect back and think that were confident and positive as if everything goes in our favour.  
At last, be a brave soul and watch yourself growing in each path of your life on a daily basis. It takes time and evolves gradually. Finally, youll have the so-called charismato open more doors and more opportunities when you carry the right attitude and smile with you.

“A forgiving spirit is the one basic, necessary ingredient for a solid relationship. Forgiveness.-John C. Maxwell

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