Some Health Benefits of Water!

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Some Health Benefits of Water!

Apart from this there many other benefits of water. Please Drink 8-9 glasses of Water every day! Drink it more! 
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“Let the angry word be answered only with a kiss.”
                                     -Thomas Hill, writer

The truth is every partner fight once in a while. Sometimes on serious things and other times on little things. Even couples who have a stable marriage have different opinions at some point.

Here are some ways where you can avoid an unnecessary fight with your partner:

  Looking at the old pictures you will get emotional vibes which will help you to remember the good times that you spent together.

  Give your partner a day to think about the issue and calm down. He will reflect on him why is angry and he will react to the situation in a mature way.

  Ask yourself if you are happy with him? if you play an important role in his life he will always pamper and care of you.

  If you are having a bad day and your temper is out of bounds, just step back and say "I m not a mood to fight" by this way you can avoid a fight that could be the straw that broke the camel's back.

  Believe or not, a body language really affects the situation. Try not using abusive language it will worsen the situation.

  This is really the hard one as while arguing your natural reaction is probably to yell or raise your voice. Try talking things instead of yelling. If things get crazy just walk off.

  In an argument sometimes you just say things which other person doesn't mean and then regret. So once think before you speak it will help you.

  Think about the issue if it is really worth fighting which is making you upset and hurt and if the issue is silly, reconsider your stance.

  If you really want to save your relationship and end you never end arguments, think about the disadvantages without being with your partner. Things will be worse than the rough patch that your relationship is going through.

  Really focus each other on listening and hearing each other out. It will make your relationship strong.

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Exercise to stimulate, not to annihilate. The world wasn’t formed in a day, and neither were we. Set small goals and build upon them.-Lee Haney 
Exercise is one of the important ingredients of an active soul and health. It is a source to rejuvenate, re-energise and refresh yourself and be vibrant all through the day in and day out. During our busy lives, we all are stress and losing our zeal while running in a rat race of "Survival of the fittest”. It depends on us to take care of our own health which includes both physical and mental care. Taking out time for a little activity depends on us and how much important health holds as a priority to we as an individual.
Here are some exercises easy to do and can be done anywhere and wherever at your will-


       Working all through the day causes a lot of pain in the different parts of the body. A quick neck exercise is easy to do and quite helpful. Rotate your neck or eye in a circular motion also sideways from left to right, up and down. An eye exercise would include closing and opening and washing off 2-3 times or more with clear water.

        Nothing is much easier to do than walking. Go for a walk also search out for greenery whenever you want to feel refresh, resonating and revitalize in energy this activity works wonder it balances the body and maintains the happy functioning of body parts.

        Yes, DANCING IS SURELY THE BEST EXERCISE. Also moving your legs and hands in circular motion, clapping, stretching out and feeling like a bird with breath movements of taking air in and out, expelling and reducing your diaphragm to intake more oxygen.

        We often forget the easier things in life. Smile, the five letter word is the easiest activity one can do in daily basis having a pleasant face and happy soul is something everyone looks up for it not only elevate others mood also our as well. Stretching out our face muscles brings a natural glow to our face.
"Excercise is labour without weariness."-Samuel Johnson

Exercise is one of the beneficial activity to elevate our mood, self-image and an excellent stress-buster enhances our daily living on the mother Earth.  

Some Plants For Your Home!

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How is this day for you!

Green is so much healthier, we don't even know! Blessed are we amid of nature whose blue and green blanket surrounds us our colourful world!

So Here are some green for your house for healthier you! We acknowledge that what we give to nature, it gives us much more back to us!

Some popular indoor plants are named below, based on the space availability one could be chosen! Every decision belongs to you! Have a wise one!
i) Areca Palm
This one grows to a height of seven feet requiring indirect sunlight. This plant helps in filtering xylene and toluene from the air also act as an effective humidifier. The only requirement is enough water to keep the soil moist.
ii) Aloe Vera
The coolest plant ever is Aloe vera. This one can be both indoor as well as the outdoor plant. Some cares need to be taken as it's a dry plant the soil needs to be dry and warm, so keep wherever the sunlight is abundant and avoid over-watering. This plant helps in clearing formaldehyde and benzene which usually arose out of the paints in your walls and cooking fumes.
iii) Dracaena
This plant does not require direct sunlight and can grow up to 12 feet in height, so make sure it is planted at a spot that allows enough space to grow. Also, you can control its height by pruning it from time to time. Keep its soil moist but not soggy. Yellow leaves in the plant are a sign of over-watering or poor drainage. Best place would be near a sheer curtain or a window.
iv) Spider Plant
This lovely plant combats benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene (a solvent used in the leather, rubber and printing industries). The plant-derived this unique name due to its uniquely-shaped leaves, which dangle like spiders on a web. The plant is also completely safe if you have pets. Similar to above indoor plants, the same rule is applicable make sure you use well-drained soil and do not make the soil soggy for a fresh-looking spider plant.
v)Snake plant (Best recommended)
The plant is best suited for bathrooms since it filters out formaldehyde, which is commonly found in personal-care products. It is one of the top best plant air-purifying plants identified by NASA. This plant is one of the easiest one to grow and requires no extra attention. Going out of town and have no one to take care of your plant? Forgot to water it on time? Again, no problem. This plant can be neglected for weeks and will still give you long, fresh leaves. The only thing to keep in mind is that they can easily rot, so they need to be planted in free-draining soil. This plant is also called by some as mother-in-law’s tongue or Saint George’s sword.
vi) Lucky bamboo(Easy maintenance)
This is small decorative plants often found in homes, offices and other places. People gift it on occasions as it is well-known for positive energy and Chinese art of being called Feng Shui cures that enhances for best results.
vii) Devil’s Ivy (Money plant)

The perfect houseplant for beginners as it can survive even the harshest conditions. Like, assume water thoroughly but infrequently or when the soil is dry, water until some starts to seep out of the bottom of the pot. The Devil’s Ivy/Pothos like humidity and is ridiculously tolerant of a variety of lighting conditions. The best place to grow is where there is indirect/filtered sunlight. It also makes an ideal office plant because it grows well under fluorescent lights. It is known to efficiently cleanse the air of pollutants. Avoid if you have house pets, as the plant is highly toxic if any part of it is consumed in any case.

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My Odisha trip! All Girl's Trip!

Hey folks!
Let me share the review the amazing trip to Odisha! And yes! it was not with my family this time, my college friends were the one I choose to go with! See and Read what I get to know and learn with my First trip in girl's gang!

  • Folks! Who can join you on the trip!

  1. Someone you can trust one and they are reliable enough. 
  2. They must be entertaining or you should one to entertain them enough to set up the lighter mood!

  • What is must on a Trip!
  1. Carry your own things-Every daily items in Backpack!
  2. A camera to click!
  3. And take some foods and medicines for emergencies!

  • What about Our All Girl's Trip!

  1. We enjoyed and learned to take responsibility for our own hands!
  2. We saw amazing views, the world has the best beauties all over the universe and travelling to them is the best thing in the universe!
  3. Going with friends form the best memories ever!
I love travelling as it added a smile to my face and saw such beautiful things like the beach, mountains, waterfall and others. A trip, a moment I will cherish forever! This aroused me to go more on trips with friends and family!

Life in a Metro City!

          THE CITY LIFE

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the madding crowd with busy roads and heavy traffic, the urban people live their life. Being their home where they have lived from their childhood, it would have been no problem for them to be accustomed to it. Here life is moving on with speed, one has to catch it firmly or else they are lost in the gloomy air. We have to keep on moving our steps unless and until we reach our goal. The struggle for life or we can better say the struggle for existence is seen in the lives of urban citizens. They enjoy live for the present, secure for the future and proceed from their past. The city life has everything in the surrounding only thing is that one has to catch it as it is fleeting.
      If we properly say about the contents of the city life. We may get an innumerable way that is we get many opportunities of life to explore. There are many good schools, colleges, offices, libraries, educational facilities, social, political, economic and overall the facilities. A person gets to earn his living here and bring all the luxuries to his families and to his families and to himself.
       There are many sources of entertainment like movie theatres, shopping malls, theatre plays,3-D animation many places to have enjoyment and fun to pass their free time with our friends and others.
       We get to know about different things. We are not limited here. We are like an independent bird with our stretched hands and feet the whole air is ours. But despite these luxuries, it also comes with the hardship of life. We have to struggle to win the rat race. Each one is competing and challenging others. We see here each one is like us or better than us. To be unique we have to stand erect and tall by being the best the field we are. We have to learn to adapt to society.
This is how city life runs in different motion, unlike rural life! Both the lives in the city and village life are same with different growth and development.

10 Apps you will surely found in any android users mobile!

Apps are everyday essentials as we can't live without our phone even one day in this digital age! We are at our ease when we have apps as they help and guide us in all way. It is because of the availability of these apps our work becomes simpler, faster and also cheaper!
Let us know what are the apps that are most common in every cell-phone!

10 Apps you will surely found in any Android users mobile!

1. Whatsapp

2. Facebook

3. Instagram

4. Gmail

5. Youtube

6. Playstore

7. Google Chrome
8. Paytm

9. Quora

10. Saavn

So, these are my list what are yours let me know!

Why Successful people recommend early rising in the morning!

Getting up early is always a winning process. We are familiar with the quote since our school days" Early to rise and early to bed make us healthy, wealthy and wise." We know that it is a tough job to get up early as very few can become an early bird and in a young generation where technology overrules our most of the time, early rising has become a lost habit.
Here, I have some reasons that will brainstorm you to get up early your next day! As our blog titles" Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" πŸ‘ˆ early rising must start with no further delay! Keep up the 30 days challenge with me!

Why Successful people recommend early rising in the morning!

What does Success mean, according to me is having the potential of having all that you want and wishes for? It can be anything happiness, money and many other pleasures. 

1. Mental and Physical fitness

2. Optimistic outlook

3. More Time

4. Energy Boost

5. Better sleep

6. More Family and Self-time

7. Calmness

So are you ready to get up early tomorrow!
Let's increase our productivity, say no more to procrastination
Go for Health, Go for YOU!


Reality Check about Women Story!


‘WOMEN’ this word is said to come from men. Is that mean they are inferior to men or rather not equal to them? This raises the question which is always in the mind of every beings mind. From ancient ages, we have seen that women are somewhat kept low. They are taught to be inferior although scenario has much changed these times we have come over it in some way still there is something, somewhere which is pulling us down. We can aptly quote Sylvia Plath’s poem ‘Daddy’ words, “Every woman adores fascists”we are taught father is the head of the family. We see our mother working every day, doing the same work, the same thing, adapting everything in every situation she is put up. We are taught the same one thing women are made to do these works they have to balance everything. There is another question which disturbs in my mind whether women is a source of entertainment for society. Why is she making herself just a playful thing in front of everyone? It is she who should change then the society can be controlled and made to understand. Change is possible first in herself in her mind and finally, outcomes show in society. Live and let live that should be promoted and kept in mind. Each and everyone is equal and unique. Every now and then we hear that they are unsafe. Let me tell no one is anywhere safe. Our constitution well says about equality. How can equality exist when educated people also talk about women of character? Is that a fun space of society, can’t the people do something about it. Let us take the scenario of a street. How vile is the world we are living where god made genders are not treated with respect, dignity, and surely as an individual? There is a limit for women to bear, but how much, how often and why for. Where women are worshipped as Goddess Laxmi, Durga, Kali and other, there such crimes like rape exists. It is not development, it is called sin.
Then one more important question develop that clothes be the factor of rape cases, is so, I ask. I don’t think so cause vileness lies is in mind of an evildoer not in a dress, freedom should be in mind and not there should be space for fear. It is good to see women excelling in every field they are put to. They have shown men that intellectual, physically they are more or less equal in them, and one thing they are unbearable is their heroism in bearing big hurdles in life uncomplaining, perseverance and sacrifice for others by keeping unselfish motive. Change has occurred and still yet complete eradication is soon awaited. Nothing is beyond when time revolves, a race is not always won by a rabbit, the tortoise will always be the champion of that story. Lest the attack is solely on patriarchy and aiming for the pinnacle of ungendered society.

Let's us be the change! and Stop Patriarchy! No more Stereotype!

Seven tech challenges of online education we need to solve!

The world now is very different from the ages before. People are modern and busier and busier and education is a vital reason behind it. They grew smarter intellectual and thus evolved technology with it there is impetus growth leading to the production of Television, mobile phones, computers, laptops and many more with creative and innovative features. Technology has become the key to a new world of education. People were busy with less time but the importance of education. People were busy with less time but the importance of education still thrived .Education is for the evolution of an individual or coming-of-age. As it is well said, "Education is not part of life but life itself".And now, virtual education is for new generations to come.

            Online Education is a popular technique of education as it is preferred by students for its convenience. Today in the tech-savvy world, time and money are equivalent and cannot be wasted. Personalisation is a priority of individual but as a social being we have to communicate with others and therefore, online education is preferred which is cost-effectively reducing the commuting fares and workable at one's own pace. The shift from traditional classroom education to online courses ensures the individual with freedom and flexibility. This personalized online learning gave instant access to the content and an effective enough to serve its purpose.

           The challenges that hail during online education are namely-

1. Adaptability-Education is said to be best done when in the midst of nature. In India, Rabindranath Tagore, a prominent writer, and artist created an ideal place for learners, Shantiniketan. This was an institution where students, native and foreign learned under a tree among the natural beauty. While classroom education interacts many variant students from different background studying their subjects and then online education, unlike traditional education have difficulty in adapting to the virtual environment. There is a lack of social interaction, even though chat rooms, discussion facilities are provided, the experience and environments quite different than classroom education.
2. Technically proficient-Basic handling of digital devices like computer, smartphones, tablets and other devices of technology.An awareness of new technology and dependence on it.Proficient in basic learning and handling all files, study resources, and assignments digitally. Any problem or troubleshooting requires efficient management. The instruction given is handled by the known person, unlike amateur who end up with no gain and stress thereafter.
3. Dependency on internet and technology-One needs to have a good connection network and technology accessible gadgets.E-learning courses require browser compatibility, system requirements, strong internet connection and high bandwidth. A student not having these requirements can't effectively access online learning. The assignments, class task requires access to the proper internet and also offline downloading articles, files which are a requirement for studies. It is unavoidable for studying online courses to have a computer, internet connection and technical knowledge otherwise troubleshooting problems that occur. Thus, dependence is surely a drawback.
4. Effective coordination is required in e-learning-Technology and student ‘s labour will go hand-in-hand for the successful triumph of e-learning. Coordination is a two-way process involving online learning to be comprehensive and effective and on the handling of every situation in the e-learning method. There is to be no instructor, a constant motivation, self-routine is to be maintained. There should be students will learn, his/her patience, determination, and persistence which is at stake on e-learning methods. The change from accustomed is different where e-learning requires students to interact actively and participate in online class. That might involve clicking some options, answering a question, taking homework help or giving feedback.
5. Lack of virtual education -Everything cannot be taught on the internet like works which require manual labour, supposedly works in the laboratory, hands-on handling of objects which has no scope in e-learning. New learning is suggested which is termed as hybrid learning. It is where he is an amalgamation of online education facilities. A smart-class for students to not be deprived of any favoured techniques. This effect of hybrid learning will benefit from the benefits of online education as well as traditional classroom learning too.
6. Not ideal for all learners-The format is different therefore all types of learners will possibly face difficulty with learning. The problem of motivation, procrastination and where a lot of individual requires the attention of an instructor. The instance solution and understanding of students will be incomprehensible as their focus should not dwindling, the qualities of a good student with self-discipline, proper time- management and better study habits will stand out as an effective and successful e-learning done.
7. The complex structure of the e-course-There should be well-defined structures and an effort to cover all the aspects of e-learning such as interactive elements assessments exercises, feedback facilities, live chat features and clear instructions. Since online education is not the much frequent technique of learning. The ideas, methods, and features should be adaptive, effective and tackled without hassle, The scope of e-learning if involves time and effort there can be boredom and depressing form which would erase the aspiration and passion for learning the subject involved.     

  •  The global opportunity for e-learning entails learning for all age groups in their comfortable environment and at their own speed and method.
  •  The e-learning gives us much also takes that at a cost to our health. The eyesight is at great harm if continuously worked on it. The body without physical exercise becomes unfit and lazy. The effectiveness of work is reduced through physic is at stake, physic becomes active and therefore evolves intellectuals of computer experts, digital masterminds and hackers and many more. 
Technology may rule the whole world in this digital age but it fails in many ways! These above where my view, let me know your one!     

How different is the Education system in India when compared with the USA?

There is a lot of comparisons and complaining about the different education system in various countries of the world. The world as a whole as a union but divided into many, segregated individuals. It is not easy to differentiate between the Indian Education system and the American education system. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, both have evolved great personalities and renowned leaders. There are still some differences to point out. The drawbacks in the Indian education system. Here are few poignant opinions which unfold the stereotype traditional Indian Education system:

1.    American Education system deals with understanding the core of subjects, practical usage of theoretical studies whereas Indian Education is more into scoring marks in examination than gathering knowledge. The fissure in the Education system leads us to run in a rat-race which has no end. The stereotypical Education strains an individual to conform in completing graduation, finding a relevant job, marriage and therefore ending up of life.

2.    Education in Indian has a rigid system. It lays more emphasis on reading, writing and memorizing the core subjects whereas Sports, dance and extracurricular activities hold less significance. A well familiar quote says “Education is not for life but life itself”. The overdose of books in schools in Indian Education system, makes students find Education boring, a burden and stressful part of life. However, the flexible system in abroad with overall development makes the student realise the interest in his life.

3.    Equal Educational opportunities for all whether categorising with the label of rich, poor and other caste or racial difference. The distinctions system of ICSE, CBSE, state boards and various universities then following the reservation for ST, SC and OBC caste, where students under General category criticize the system for not getting the seat for merit but for lack of opportunities. These barriers and authentication of one unified system which is favoured by all.
        Therefore, some incentives to undone these issues: children should be inculcated with independence, decision making, leadership, communication skills and when these are jotted down all the mishaps would lead to change. As generations lead to generations, the present generation should act now and bring change within themselves for the change they want to outlook in future.
       Happy Reading! Happy Blogging!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„


Experts on romance say for a happy marriage there has to be more than a passionate love. For a lasting union, they insist, there must be a genuine liking for each other. Which, in my book, is a good definition of friendship.- Marilyn Monroe

You can't have a happy family if you don't have a happy marriage.- Jeremy Sisto

“Marriages are the very important factor in life and it needs to be balanced tactfully. There are multiple factors that work well or go wrong in the recipe of a happy marriage and the key ingredients are more or less same and its requirement in every marriage is essential to taste the true flavours of the happy marriage.”

Here are some of the key ingredients which are required for happy marriage,

TRUST: Marriage cannot exist without trust. It is the most basic ingredient of any close relation.

FRIENDSHIP: If the couple is friends they are comfortable enough to share their thoughts, understand each other’s feeling, discuss matters and recognise each other’s importance.

SELFLESSNESS: The couple should be selfless and think of his/her mate. Happy Marriage changes ‘me’ to ‘us’.

ACCEPTANCE: There are going to be ups and downs in life and all these phases one seeks for constant support and encouragement. The couple who stays together in misfortunes have

RESPECT EACH OTHER’S PRIVACY: There are sometimes when the couple needs self-time, adhering to one's interest, hobbies and other self-activity makes one make happy. It is truly said one who is happy will also make an effort to bring happiness everywhere.

UNDERSTANDING: Understanding your partner is essential and taking care of the matters which change her moods from happiness to worries enhance the spirit of happy marriage.

HELPING HANDS FOR EACH OTHER: When one is tired or at ill-bed, the other should take charge and be the helping hand to comfort the partner or bring the smile or have a smooth flow of the relationship.

FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT: Both husband and wife should earn and established in their work or else have the potential to be economically independent.

COOPERATIVE: The couple should have cooperation and help each other and solve the matter together by discussing and listening to the viewpoints of both sides and thereafter coming into conclusion.

SACRIFICE: When married, life demands compromise and sacrifice in each and every step for the happiness of others.

The happiest marriage I can picture or imagine to myself would be the union of a deaf man to a blind woman.- Samuel Taylor Coleridge